2020 Workshops coming soon! Here is a look back...

Workshops 2019 

Get Dressed for the Day and the Battle
Deb Burke
A Study on the Armor of God.

Are You Gideon Me? You Want Me to do What?
Jerilyn Renner
Am I Enough?  A study on the story of Gideon. Learn how God provides the strength that we cannot, how he makes us enough and helps us to conquer fear well.

Moving Mountains - Discovering and Embracing a Supernatural Faith
Greta Wolff
What is Biblical faith? We will discuss where faith comes from and share some examples of this faith in action from the Bible.

You are BE-YOU-TI-FUL to Me : Seeing Yourself Through God’s Eyes
Cindy Mastel and Sandy Seedorf
Do you struggle with feeling beautiful? Do you know that God love you just the way you are and that you are worthy of His love? In this workshop we will search God’s Word to discover His love for you and His unconditional acceptance of you.

Are You Sure About That? (AM only)
Diana Gefroh
...sure about your relationship with God...about your eternity...about God's love for you? See what the Bible has to say about these things and other foundational truths.

Living by the Book
Nancy Nelson
How to study your Bible.